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Fishing below the picnic tables in the city park.

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Dunsmuir Recreation & Parks Board Members & Meetings

The Dunsmuir Recreation and Parks District meets at 6 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month at the District office, 4841 Dunsmuir Avenue, Dunsmuir CA 96025

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Five Appointed Board Members

City Appointed:

Ellen McArron – Chairperson

Kenna Conway – Clerk

Kate O’Grady – Vice Chairperson

County Appointed:

Will Newman  

Steve Cutting   

District Staff

District Administrator – Michael Rodriguez

Administrative Assistant, Cynthia G. Smith

Maintenance Supervisor – Dale Faulkner

LOCAL GOVERNMENT COMPENSATION REPORT (you can pick any year from this site that has been logged with the state of California near the top of the page.)

For information about using the Dunsmuir City Parks,

or contact the District Administrator, Mike Rodriguez,

or the Administrative Assistant, Cynthia G. Smith,

at the Mt. Shasta District Office at (530) 926.2494

Identifying the call is for the Dunsmuir Park.