Botanical Garden

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While you’re in Dunsmuir City Park, you will have the opportunity to see the work of dozens of dedicated volunteers who have developed the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens.

In addition to the many beautiful native dogwoods, fragrant wild azaleas and Shasta lilies, a variety of other perennial plants and shrubs have been introduced. These include rhododendrons, hostas, ferns and Japanese maples. During the spring and summer, various annuals greet visitors with a rainbow of colors.

Every year (usually on the last weekend in June), the City Park meadow is the venue for the ‘Tribute to the Trees’ concert. This fundraiser for the Botanical Gardens includes a gourmet dinner enjoyed al fresco. Check our events page for this year’s dates, or contact the Dunsmuir Recreation and Parks District office at 530-235-4740 for more information.


Dunsmuir Recreation and Parks District office at 530-235-4740.

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